Complaint: Gaming mechanism cheats

on 03 April 2022 about Gameloft in category Gaming

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My complaint:

I play the online game Disney Magic Kingdoms through there app they have in game bundles too enchant attractions which can drop character tokens for leveling characters upto level 10 I purchased all the enchantment bundles for leveling up the Robin Hood character after event finished but when the event finished they swapped his 2 leveling tokens and replaced them with tokens of another character and now I would have to buy about 200 tokens to enchant both attractions to level 4 to get the same Robin Hood leveling tokens as they were both level 3 before the event ended so I’ve been cheated out of my real money ive spent and there expecting me to buy more tokens which is going to cost me alot to buy to level them to level 4

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Suggested solution:

Either revert the Robin Hood tokens back to level 3 enchantment or upgrade both my 2 Robin Hood attractions to level 4 free of charge as the bundles was sold to me by deception by then changing them after event end also I would like them to address there Appaling customer service agents who are the worst ive ever had to deal with they do not address complaints properly and ignore requests to Escalate complaints too a manager and the totally refuse to give customers contact details for the complaints commission that they are answerable too as they know what there doing is not right but don\'t want you to take your complaints further

Gaming mechanism cheats
Gaming mechanism cheats
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