Frito-Lay complaint: Broken chips

on 10 October 2022 about Frito-Lay in category Food and Beverage Brands

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My complaint:

Frito Lay Ruffles are my favorite chips; however, I’m about ready to switch to something else. Mine IS NOT a huge complaint like many that you get, I’m sure. The last three bags of ruffles that I purchased have been all broken pieces and crumbs. There have hardly been any unbroken chips in any of these bags. Granted broken pieces and crumbs still taste the same, but I certainly won’t be buying these to serve to guests any more. I realize things happen in packing, shipping, and stocking, but these purchases have all seemed pretty extreme. I’m not asking for anything other than to make you aware of the condition of the product I have gotten more than once and this makes me very sad to give up un a product I have always liked.

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