Complaint: Difficulty in opening the can.

on 31 December 2020 about Fray Bentos in category Food and Beverage Brands

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My complaint:

I have 3 can openers in the house. Every can opener struggles to easily open the can. On the back of the tin – it stars that the Oxo good grip can opener or the Brabantia essential line can opener are the solution to open these cans. Suggest the company should offer reduced can opener with this product or give the customer to order one cheap. And I also agree with the other comment about the amount of steak in the can. Counted 5 small pieces in the last can – had to add extra beef to make it presentable.

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Suggested solution:

The company should look at why their product does not sell well. Customer frustration regarding opening it. Solution - sell the can opener with the product. Or alternatively give free can opener to customers who cannot afford to bye the brand suggested. I have just looked at the preferred can openers they suggest you use. Average price £10.00 on ebay. !! Photo proof below is - Unopened can !

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