Complaint: Bad Packaging

on 14 February 2021 about Fray Bentos in category Food and Beverage Brands

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My complaint:

I tried a Fray Bentos ‘Meaty Puds’ Steak Kidney pudding for the first time. But:-

As we all know outside of your packing design dept, you cannot put metal in a microwave. Why then have they designed a meal to be cooked in a microwave in a pot which has a metal RIM left on it after the ring pull top has been removed.
I thought this may happen when I inspected the pot before opening but thought ‘ naaa they won’t be that stupid, it will come off with the lid’
They were and it didn’t. I had to remove the rim by sawing it off with a bread knife.I tried scissors but they destroyed the pot edge.

Cooked as instructions. The filling was good but the suet was awful. Not eaten.
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Suggested solution:

Redesign the pot lid or stick to your tinned baking pies. Which I like.

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