Complaint: Threatening behavior to me and my family from one of your employees

on 09 January 2021 about Food Lion in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Foodlions’ employee “****” at the warehouse in Boston MA, had been using very vulgar, vile and physical threatening behavior on social media, toward me and many other people. He brags that he makes 6 figures at this warehouse,he just got a promotion, and he is “scary” to me and others. I don’t personally know him but I’m rather fearful for my life in regards to his threats over political disagreements. I just called the police,and advised them of his threatening behavior.quote, the last post on his Facebook page “I’m having my boys come to your house, drag you out of your f___ing house, and beat your f—-ing ass!” This is one of many threats. He also advised me he knows people who work at the Foodlion in Amelia VA, which is where I do all my grocery shopping since this Foodlion has been established. I know all the employees who work there and I find them to be great, fantastic in customer service as well as being personal, kind, and very professional in their job and service. I was very concerned that perhaps Foodlion were not aware of this employees disturbing and violent behavior! I love Foodlion, however after these upsetting and disturbing threats, I will not be going to the Foodlion in Amelia VA, but will continue to shop at the Foodlion in Powhatan VA. The police here in Amelia are aware of **** violent behavior. I am still frightened as I am a 63 year old woman, who sometimes lives alone in the rural country,and **** informed me he knows where I live.. My son is going to come and stay with me tonight as he is fearful of these threats. Could you please advis this Foodlion employee to “cease and desist” the threats, to not only me, but many others. I await your response to this very fearful situation. Thank you for listening.

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Suggested solution:

Either Fire this violent employee or HR inform him this is not a professional way to represent this great company as to threaten their long standing loyal customers.

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