FireKirin complaint: Won’t refund money

Complaint from Stanmili reported on 19 February 2024 about FireKirin

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My complaint:

Firekirin is an online gambling and they refuse to pay me my winnings. I put money onto the game and when I win I expect to get my wining however all I get are messages from them please wait please wait please wait or wait for manager. This is really realty upsetting and frustrating. I don’t know how to handle it anymore.

Suggested solution:

I think they should be shut down

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1 month ago

Same here I won $586.00 an when I went to cash out I only had $22.67 and when I asked about it all I was told was please wait nothing is wrong on my side . An that’s annoying then they don’t want to correct it and just say better luck next time an another one is luna park I won 25 an she blocked me and kept my winnings