FireKirin complaint: Scammed me out of money and stole my winnings

Complaint from CLdiceF reported on 13 December 2023 about FireKirin

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My complaint:

On 12/13/2023 I had been saving my winnings for a few days. On today the 13th of December 2023 I messaged the distributor of fire Kirin from Facebook and asked if I could cash out. The person said once I reach 100 I can cash out. So I only had $60. I got back on the game and I managed to win $200.12 . I messaged again and asked if I could cash out. I then waited and the person said yes. I went to cashapp and tried to request $200 but it said that person could not accept requests at the moment. I then logged out of cash app and messaged the distributor on Facebook again and said it will not let me request money from you The distributor told me hold on a second They went and looked at my account came back and said your account is empty I went logged into my account took a screenshot logged out of my account proceeded to send the screenshot via text message and said look I have $200 in my account I would like to cash out but it won’t let me request money from you on cash app because cash app is how we send money to play the game. The distributor said there is $0 in my account so I logged back on to take another screenshot and the account was empty I said well where did the money go because it was just here I just sent you a screenshot The distributor said well your money must have leaked out since you didn’t log out and I said but I did log out and I proceeded to ask for the gaming commission number and I’m getting zero response. I have sunken in so much money to this game and never once have I ever cashed out I finally won a little bit of money and I can’t cash out I would like all of my money back from the very beginning since the first time I ever sent $1 this is not fair this is a scam this is a hoax I’ve done some research and I should have done this sooner but it’s saying that this gaming site is not legit. This site rips people off daily and it is BS

Suggested solution:

The complaint should be resolved by paying me my money I have proof I can upload screenshots to show you I had $200 in my account one second then the distributor goes looks takes my money out and says that I have zero money and doesn't pay me. Just want my $200 I'm thinking way too much money into this app to not be paid a single dollar this is not fair The distributor told me to put more money into my account and win more why would I do that when I wasn't paid out the $200?

FireKirin complaint Scammed me out of money and stole my winnings
FireKirin complaint Scammed me out of money and stole my winnings
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