FireKirin complaint: Refused Cashout

Complaint from Mik_SaFKP reported on 08 October 2023 about FireKirin

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My complaint:

The platform palace of winners on Facebook refused to cash me out for $162 last night and then proceeded to harass me and then finally block me and then disappear and not returning my messages. They then started making other accounts trying to contact me to get me to play on their sites they just made All through Facebook messenger using the Fire Kirin platform. Today they are still trying to contact me with a different account thinking I don’t know that that’s actually them ha ha all I know is I needed that money for my son and now he’s without diapers and formula. He went all night without it because of them not cashing me out, and are nowhere to be found, except for, they actually are and they were “Lucky Charm Palace” as an alias or a sister platform of the one I got scammed on which was “palace of winners” and now go by “High Stakes Fun” do not deposit with any of them. If anybody knows how I can get my money, refunded track down or anything please let me know. It’s on the Fire KIRIN app.

Suggested solution:

Paying me my money I won $162.00 dollars and now I’d like some
Comp Play just not playing on their page ever again so I’ll take bonus cash for the agony it’s caused my family and I. I love the game Fire Kirin, it’s bad ass but if it’s that easy to steal all nonetb

FireKirin complaint Refused Cashout
FireKirin complaint Refused Cashout
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