Complaint: IRA to Rollover to four Roth accounts

on 03 February 2022 about Fidelity Investments in category Financial Services

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My complaint:

I called Fidelity to help me Rollover money I transferred to Roth accounts because I have never done that on my own. So I did not want to make any mistakes, I call Fidelity and I explained what I wanted done–Two accounts was for 10%, one for 30% and one for 50% from the money I rolled over. I gave her the nine accounts and she made me figure out each amount for each. I told her what she requested; however, after waiting a couple of days for the transfers to take place, I looked at the account to find she did not move any money in the 50% account. I called immediately, to get it fixed but the guy probably wanted to watch the football game as to who would have a chance to get into the Super Bowl and told me and could do it by myself and told me he was going to hang up on me. HE DID!!! I called back and a nice guy proceeded to help me; however, he did not rollover the money as requested, he had me buy them for the current price! It was late, and I was very tired and the next day I realized what had happened and ever since I have called but to my dismay, Fidelity special team stated they would hear the tapes and get back to me within three days. I never received a call, a text, an e-mail or a letter! Finally, I called my advisor and he said he would have his supervisor call me. I asked her to listen to the tape on 12-28-2021. She only called the so-called team who works on complaints and I know they did not listen to the tapes, they only told her that I received a disclosure that they would sell my accounts. I have told everyone I spoke to that I opened four Roth accounts and needed each of the nine accounts to be divided as I requested. Who sold my accounts without my knowledge? Why would I want to sell accounts only to purchase them again? I wanted my children and grandchildren to have the same accounts that were valued the same!!! Moreover, an account that was worth $7,700 was never transferred. Fidelity had the gall to send me a message on my account that I owed almost $6,000 to pay for two accounts they sold and now want me the pay for the same stock they sold.

Suggested solution:

I want four Roth accounts retroactive as of 12-28-2021 because I wanted to lower my RMS's.

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