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on 03 October 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I came into family dollar and I bought some milk real quickly and some candy. I was checked out then the security detectors went off. The lady check my bags but then can I see your purse? I said I’m not stesling anything if that’s what you think. I had a lot of old recepts and junk in my purse that I felt embarrassed about it but she resume to look for what was making it go off. I felt like she wasn’t going to let me go until she found what was making it go off. She asked me to pour out everything out of my purse and I’m like really lady… I poured everything out but I told her you are going to help me put everything back in there though. I was patient but starting to lose my patience. She probably would have told me to strip my clothes if she hadn’t found what was making the detectors go off. Anyway all the abuse is in the survalence. She found what was making it go off in my purse by going through my discreet makeup pouch. Oh look its this lip gloss that has a CVS pharmacy metal strip that was making it go off… I feel very violated and but I said thank you when she finally let me leave. I can sue this company for the abuse of being so close to me and not maintaining six feet from me yet I’m forced to wear a mask. … I feel asaulted and the abuse was at the spring time st by babcock rd location. I’m a regular including my husband since we live right down Babcock rd. I think next time someone comes so close to me and is so ugly pretending to be nice and not realizing how embarrassing it was for me. I will copy this statement for proof of the abuse in case I decide to press charges. Like I said I didn’t display or get irate about the situation but it was only so they please let me leave and to stop wasting my time. She then deactivated the CVS pharmacy metal strip from my used older lip gloss and acted like she did me a favor. Proof is in the survalence video of 10220.

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Compensation because I have not decided if I will follow up with sueing Family dollar for the abuse.

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