Complaint: Verbally Attacked by employee

on 14 September 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My name is Patsy Shears I am a Registered nurse in an office near this store. I was in the store on 91120 to pick up a few things. I went to detergent aisle and most all the shelves were empty. However, box were of where the products should be were in front of each shelve. There was an employee standing near me and I asked is this the size of tide that is advertised on this paper she said Its what ever it says I dont know, Well she was on her phone with 3 small boxes in front of her not paying any attention to me. So i grabbed what I needed. I walked around the store until she put some items out that I needed. I came back and the boxes were gone and she was gone also. SO i opened the box and took out 3 disinfectant sprays and put in my basket and proceeded to register to pay for my items. I was putting my items on counter and the cashier rang them up. The lady spreamed at me and snatched the cleaning items from my bag and said that is stealing. I was shocked I said what stealing I am paying for this and she said you open the box and its stealing I said well if you werenot on phone and stocking the shelves I would not have to do your job. She got so mad and screaming I could of asked for help. I said well when I asked for help for the soap you were a lot of help. she was repeatedly calling me a thief for opening the box that was on the shelve but not open yet. I told the cashier take those products off my ticket I do not argue about cleaning products when I can pick up at walmart. I asked for the employees name and she said I do not have to give you my name. I said I will call corporate and explain how you are acting. I asked the male cashier if she is the manager and he said no she is just an employee. I told her Just shut up because she continued to scream at me in front of customers.and she said get out of my store I said I paid for my items and as soon as he bags my stuff I will leave. She kept screaming and I laughed at her and I repeated to her I cant believe you act like that over spray. Not even your spray but Family Dollars items and they are mine because I paid for them. Bye have a good day. I will report you.
She was a black female 5 ft 1 in 220 ibs. worked 91120 at 5 pm There were only 2 employees in the store and the cashier was ashamed of how she was acting He kept his head down. You can look at video of how she attacked me. And repeated called me a thief for opening the box on the shelve. I told her I was a professional and never stole anything in my life. I have money. I am just sad people like this is employed at Family Dollar.
please respond
Patsy Shears RN

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Suggested solution:

Corporate needs to reprimand there employee for acting out like this. I have been a nurse for 30 years and if I treated my patients like this I would not have a job and be the passionate person I am in my profession. Jobs are short to come by and hard to get in this time of despair. She needs to take pride in her job because all jobs are important even an employee at Family Dollar.

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