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on 23 April 2021 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I worked 5hrs a week, in total 10 times before treatment by store manager, asst store manager and an associate became unbearable and threatening. store manager looked to belittle any way she could. the last two days i worked I closed with asst. store manager Felicia and associate Ashley. one of the star sheet work was taking down and putting up sale stickers. I was assigned the front of the store, the other two where the back. 4 times during those 5 hrs I had no idea where the two where. at one time durring that night Ashley saw two men enter she grabbed her smokes and phone telling me they had jumped her brother in law. beating him badly. she walked out the store stating she wouldnt be in the same building as them. she knowing they where dangerous walked out for 30 minutes. Felicia was nowhere to be found. I was admonished for my face mask being down while another sat right next to her with hers down, nothing said to her, I worked 2 days later with Jonya opening. she asked me to put up fliers around the store. a few minutes later Jonya, in front of customers, asked me hey jen do you ever do anything extra? i asked why she said i missed a sale paper on the very back corner freezer that should have been down 2 days ago. I was admonished and belittled over something 2 other people where assigned and that no other employee noticed in 2 days. she gave rolled eyes, shaking of head, swearing..then Felicia who lives 30yrds away comes in and is politely told its ok I took care of it from Jonya. Jonya has keys to Felicias home, they attend family partys together.
the three of them after a particularly nasty snow storm videoed employees at their homes to make sure they weren’t lying about being stuck. Pretty sure that is illegal. There was no going to any superior, you couldn’t, the chain of command has favoratism . they let another asst store manager go over a return to a very regular older woman customer. Cash was given back, thats how she paid for it and returned with receipt 3 hrs after it was bought. Jonya claimed policy but a few weeks earlier admonished everyone for not giving cash back for a return. I was yelled at for what Jonya said was alcohol sale to minors when it was actually a case of water. No apology given for her rushing up front and accousting me in front of customers for her mistake. the last day I worked with Jonya 4 customers asked me at the register why she was being a bitch. What do you do with that? there is a multitude of things that happened in 10 weeks, when I text Jonya my complaints I was met with a txt threat by Ashley, on the employee mass text. She is now PT Assistant Manager. the last one worked one week and Jonya made her feel so bad she quit. that was 1 week before I quit.
I had never before in my 43 yrs of employment been treated or seen others treated in the ways the managers do there. they are rude in front of customers and don’t have a down volume button on them even in the prescence of them .I have many texts from both that would be considered harrassment. and im not sure but the asst store manager they let go had put in a transfer a week before. I think it was easier for them to let him go (rehireable) than it would to find him same position or pay him his same pay in a lesser position.

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compensation to asst store manger they let go. Immediate firing of threatening employee. Firing for illegal taping of employees when not at work.

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