Complaint: Store closed early and the manager got really rude with the customer standing out side for wanting to know why the store wad close at 7 o’clock

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My complaint:

Rude manager and he closed the store at 7 o’clock when the store actually close at 8pm

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I don't have no suggestions but I know his behavior was unacceptable you guys run a huge corporation with many many many many Family Dollar stores and I'm sure you would not what rudeness and bad attitudes reflecting on the business we are already having a hard time dealing with this epidemic that we have to deal with people need things and don't need rudeness or angry manager or supervisors assisting them so I think that you guys will figure out a way to do whatever it is that you need to do but it's definitely a conversation and discipline that needs to be put and place we all me our jobs but we also have to appreciate having one

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