Family Dollar complaint: Slander in the work place from one ASM to everyone on their team

Complaint from DesertRose831 reported on 15 November 2023 about Family Dollar

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My complaint:

am an Assistant Store Manager at store 04682. Since starting here, I’ve faced continuous challenges with a fellow ASM, who has been at the store longer than me. This individual frequently speaks negatively about me to others, without any basis for these claims. Moreover, they often seem to be idle during their shifts.

Several employees have resigned since May, citing this ASM’s behavior towards them and customers. Numerous customers have expressed discomfort shopping when this ASM is present, and some have even raised concerns about them smelling of alcohol.

I’ve encountered issues with cash discrepancies and altered deposit slips after this ASM’s shifts, leading to discrepancies in the declared amounts. Despite raising these issues with my previous manager and the District Manager, no significant action seems to have been taken.

Additionally, this ASM neglects store recovery and sales floor duties, often leaving the premises during shifts, which affects the store’s operations and security. There have been instances where the store’s surveillance systems were turned off following their shifts.

The behavior of this individual not only impacts team morale but also reflects poorly on the store’s image. Our store represents our collective efforts and values, and such actions undermine our goal of maintaining high standards and a positive team environment.

I am dedicated to my role, enjoy assisting customers, and am committed to fostering a collaborative team spirit. However, the challenges posed by working with this ASM are significant. I have documented evidence of the store’s condition before and after my shifts to demonstrate my commitment to my responsibilities.

I am reaching out for guidance on how to address this situation effectively, ensuring a positive work environment and maintaining the store’s reputation.

Suggested solution:

by letting Mary Smiddy go.

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