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on 28 September 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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On Sept. 8th about 4:15pm Eastern time , I entered your store and immediately heard someone yelling Sir, Sir, Sir, I looked over my shoulder toward the checkout counter and saw 2 females, I small framed black female and one white female. The black female proceeded to tell me I need a mask, ( keep in mind I was in this very store 2 days earlier and not a word was said about wearing a mask. I was wearing a 100% cotton t shirt so I pulled it up to cover my face, the black female said that was good enough, so I walked over to the counter ( keep in mind that she was wearing a mask but her nose was fully exposed the whole time making it useless) I told her that my shirt was made out of the same material that her mask was so it should be fine, her reply was SO. I asked her if she was an expert in masks and she replied yes. So I said should I go across the street to Dollar General and spend my money, she replied do what you have to do

I proceeded to tell her that i felt like I didn’t need to wear a mask and felt she was just upset because she was wearing one.

The entire time the white female who I learned later was the Asst. Manager named Tabitha was saying Sir, Please leave.

As I’m walking out the door ( my hand was pushing the door open to leave) the black female said do you have anything else to say

I stopped and said most certainly do, I asked for her name, which she refused to give, this is when I discovered Tabitha was the Asst. Manager, I asked Tabitha for her name and her reply was Sir please leave. At this point the black female was standing behind Tabitha dancing and making funny faces. I asked Tabitha to look at what she was doing, all I heard was “ Sir, Please leave.

I asked Tabitha for corporate’s number and she said google it that she didn’t have it, I asked for her manager’s name and number and her district manager’s number and name and again she said she didn’t have them. I told her that was ridiculous. the whole time the black female was behind her making fun of me. Yes, I have a witness to this whole incident.

SO I spent my money at Dollar General without a word about a mask.

So I felt like I was targeted because I was a white male. To prove my point I went home and swapped vehicles and came back and sat in the parking lot and watched one black female and one black male enter the store and shop without a mask. Then I drove over to Columbus Ga. entered the store on Hamilton Rd. no mask. not one word was said.

Explain to me why I was so rudely treated and why your management allowed it to happen.

I was embarrassed, humiliated, disrespected, and left feeling like a victim of racism.

People wear a face Sleeve, which is pretty much a shirt pulled up over your face, which is what I was doing so I should have been fine,

Larry Wheeler

85 Lee Road 980 Smiths Station , Al. 36877

706 587 6060

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Fire employee and retrain management

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