Complaint: Rude Disrespectful Discrimmatory offensive Manager

on 25 April 2021 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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On 042421 Sat I, Mr Duncan Hunt stop into store 11394 to pick up few snacks for my family . Very clean store so that put me in shopping mood to enjoy the visit. Got my items, went to counter pay, and notice one of posted sales promotion items did not ring up right price. I told cashier of the error an she said no problem let me call the manager to correct this. A women came to me and “very “ rudely said what?! I said excuse me? She then said ,”Can I help you!. I told her the chips were marked wrong and if she can fix this please? Very rudely she said No!. I said why? She said this is no longer a promotion and these chips should not be here anyway. I said ok…but that’s not my fault, they were neatly placed on the sales shelf so everything looked just fine to me, so can she take care of this please?! From this point on she was Rude, Loud, Disrespectful in front of other customer who was in line , and said,”I’m not doing it!. Those were over stock anyway so “No”!!!. Very rudely again. At this point it wasn’t about the sales price anymore. I have never been talk to so badly by a so called manager of a store. She walked up with a attitude, unprofessional , with white, Blk, silver eye liner, spoke in slang and did not care who was standing there. If all of this was not enough I said, “ you know what!. Ok. Went to counter pay for my items and I said I need your name please ?. She said ,”what”!. “My name is my name”!!!!. I said ok. You will hear about this and she said ,”So!. She could care less”!!!. Turned her back and walked to back store. The other customer that was standing there said she was way out of line , very rude, and I was right to ask her to fix the error. This was not becoming of anyone calling themselves a manager. She does not deserve that job and displayed the worst customer service I have ever witness. I shall never patron your store again and all of the surrounding churches, youth groups, and Senior groups that I know will hear about this also never patron your doors again. One poor manager can not be worth the loss of this much business. You make the call. I was very disappointed. Have bless day.

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I’m sorry but I work very hard for a living like many other people but I could not have someone representing my product with this type attitude toward anyone right or wrong. She does not deserve keep her job. Ass long as she does this store will loose a lot hard earned money.

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