Complaint: Rude Customer Service by Manager

on 29 October 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

On Wednesday at approximately 18:34:04 pm on October 28th. I was in line waiting to purchase some taco shells. There were two ladies exchanging pleasantries when the cashier called next person in line. Upon the lady arriving to register number 3 she was greeted and asked the cashier if she could go and grab 10 rolls of xmas paper. They both laughed and the cashier said go ahead. As the customer went to get the paper which was less than 100 feet from register, cashier on register 2 screamed to Cashier on register 3 to not let anyone hold up their line. The customer began to explain that there were not carts at the front when she came in and she would not be able to hold 10 items of wrapping paper while continue to shop in the store. The cashier at register 2 (now identified as the manager on duty) started to berate the customer, yelling at her she didn’t care what she needed and there were carts in the store. Now, we all (customers in the store), I was with my grandbaby at the time as well, are hearing this exchange between the manager and the customer. She (the manager used profanity, yelled and didn’t show any restraints). I then asked the cashier at register 1 where was the manager and she informed me that the lady was the manager. I said wow. I also asked the manager to stop and it wasn’t cool to be doing that with that older lady. It is not appropriate and it was not what exemplifies what a manager role should look and sound like. I am highly disappointed. I am embarrassed for the older lady that endured this behavior and I want action taken immediately

Please take a look at your store video footage from 102820 at approx. 6:30 pm. This happened at 75 and Stoney Island Chicago IL Store 11994

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Suggested solution:

My complaint can be resolved by an apology from the store manager. Additional training for the manager. The manager also needs a write up. This behavior is not acceptable.

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