on 10 October 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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A young male employee shaved head in his 20s didn’t see a name tag was extremely rude disrespectful and aggressive with me I believe he is the only male. Each time I go to this store I spend no than of $100.00 which it’s the one nearest to my home. The carts are extremely small and they have a tube attached so after you do your shopping you can not get it out of the door. I usually have to bring a cart from the next door store SEDANOS so I can transfer all the items I buy to my car.
Yesterday 10092020 I bought a lot of big items. After I was done shopping I saw a 32 package of toilette paper that didn’t fit in the family dollar little cart since I was ready to check out I took the SEDANOS cart and I went less than 100 hounded feet and this young man screamed across the room YOU CANT DO THAT!!!! I said to him can you help me bring the 2 32 package of toilette paper? He ran to where I was and ripped the SEDANOS Cart out of my hands and took it away he ignored what I asked him to stop and kept going. I called for the manager Julie and all she said “ that SEDANOS cart wasn’t allowed.He didn’t apologize she didn’t reprimand him. This is not the first time this guy is rude. When I have come to the store and ask him for help with an item he walks away and ignores what you ask I had seen him doing it to other customers. While I’m filing this complaint I would like to know if it’s true that you can’t use a bigger cart or your own cart. I also would like to point out why according with the employees the store bathroom is permanently broken… if they don’t want the customers to use the bathroom please say NOT FOR PUBLIC USE… I cant imagine the family dollar never fix a broken bathroom

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No one did nothing yo resolve this. After this this young man went and hid. I always follow the rules this was an isolated incident in which I used this SEDANOS cart to bring the 2 32 packs of toilette paper.

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