Complaint: Obsessive rudeness and lack of tact

on 28 October 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

On 28Oct 2020 around 12:30, I went to the family dollar on N 10th Street to purchase a soda for my mother. Upon arriving at the counter I ask the clerk, Am I allowed to return this if it is unopened and the wrong one? He replies yes so I then completed the transaction. When I ask my mom what she had wanted, who was waiting for me in the parking lot, she tells me that she had in fact wanted a 2 liter Dr. Pepper, not a 2 liter Strawberry fanta. After walking back inside the store and waiting in line again to make the exchange, I’m told by the manager that she would not exchange my item and that she can kick me out and ban me from the store if I have a problem with it. I explain that it was the guidance of her clerk that caused the incident and he nods his head and says yes it’s my fault the manager then tells me to exit the store unless I’m going to make another purchase. Upon exiting the store, a gentleman, who witnessed the incident, politely gave me 2 dollars and said to me to get my mom the soda she wants. I thanked him and entered the store and got into line. The manager then approaches me and tells me to leave the store and that I am banned. I tell her I have done nothing to be banned but I will leave and file a formal complaint.

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I believe the manager could have been accountable for her employee who explained to her that he was at fault. She should have allowed me to make my alternative purchase for my disabled mother and thrown the previously purchased item to the damaged or unsellable area to be written off. During the incident the manager used phrases like you people and referred to me multiple times as boy so I believe she should be fired for that and her rudeness which was witnessed by her crew and other customers. The example set to her crew is why I feel she requires retraining or disciplinary action.

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