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on 23 March 2021 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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No communication at all. Treats their employees like no good slaves and then throws them out the door with no exit interview no explanation nothing. Claims that there were rumors of such employee doing bad things at work but never found any proof of such things then claim they are just keeping the employee off the schedule for the time being until investigation is over but now won’t answer the phone won’t call back or answer text messages. Like technically the employee was never told they were fired so how can you get away with doing this to someone especially when the employee had done nothing but good for this company. She puts her heart and soul into her job goes above and beyond for her customers even makes signs for the store to promote the monthly competition we are having she cleans that store by herself half the time and never ever complains about it. Shows up and does her best every day and barely ever late never late as much as the store manager is the store manager is always late she never has an accurate schedule changes it last minute everyday not even being considerate of the people that have kids and families that have to set up childcare and everything to make it work. I am so disappointed in this company. I will never shop their recommend them nothing ever again they lost my trust and my respect. Shame on you family dollar!!!!

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They need to pick up the damn phone and actually talk to the employee and put her in a different store with a different manager and different district manager because losing this employee is taking a huge loss to the company for she brings in business ahead is so bright and smart she develops ways to reduce shrinkage and designs and promotes ways to build up the store and company. She loves her job just not the people she was stuck with I guarantee you put her somewhere away from those people you will see how great of an asset she truly is!!!!

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