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My complaint:

This has been going on for months. I filed a complaint before and nothing was done about it. The Family Dollar store 14 S.W boulevard in Newfield Nj 08344 just closes their store every night whenever they feel like it. Sometimes it’s 8:30 pm other nights it could be 9:15 pm even though the sign at the facility and on the website clearly states open till 10:00 pm. If Family Dollar wants to close at 8 pm every night then that would be fine, I would try my best to get there before that time (if possible) or find another place to shop. What is disturbing about the store closing whenever it feels like it is that I waste my time driving to this location because I need a couple things and I work late usually but also with gas prices so high, how is it ok to say your open till 10 pm and just close at 8:40? It’s not right to do things like that to your customers. Are your employees clocking out at the new closing time that they make up or are they going home at 8:30 and getting paid till 10 pm? This is very irresponsible and unfair to do to your customers and certainly is no way to run a successful business, especially with your biggest competitor (DG) having just opened a store 14 mile down the road just 4 months ago. I have been going to this store for 3 years now several times a week and because of this “close whenever you feel like “ policy I will no longer shop at this store. I have wasted too much time and gas driving to a store that was supposed to be open, just to be disappointed and have to turn around and go home! I filed a complaint 2 months ago and nothing has changed so I have to assume that corporate is allowing the employees to close whenever they feel like it even though they advertise 10 pm as the closing time. I went to this store on Friday, August 26th 2022 at 8:52 pm and the big light out front was off and the lights inside were turned dim. I had gone to this store on Tuesday August 23rd 2022 at 9:30 pm and they were open. How do you justify staying open on a Tuesday till 10pm but close your store early on a Friday at 8:50 pm? I sat in the parking lot for about 4-5 mins to decide where to go pick up my items that I needed and at least 5-6 cars pulled in and up to the door just to turn back around a min later. That’s at least 7 customers that were turned away within 4 minutes, imagine how many that could add up to in an hour! What would happen if all American businesses started to follow this policy? It would be chaotic.

Suggested solution:

Unfortunately because this has gone on for months after I’ve complained before, I personally will not shop at this store due to the amount of time and gas I’ve wasted trying to shop at this store.

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