Family Dollar complaint: Inappropriate Employee Behavior

Complaint from 123girl reported on 30 May 2023 about Family Dollar

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My complaint:

On May 27, 2023 at about 9:54 am, as I was checking out, the supervisor, Jennifer, consistently followed a male customer around the store as if he was going to steal, making him and everyone else uncomfortable. She stared the man down threateningly the entire time. The male customer confronted her about it and it angered her. As I was checking out and having my box of crackers rang up, I mentioned to the cashier the crackers were in a incorrect spot on the shelf aisle. The crackers were marked $1.20 but rang up about $5. The supervisor Jennifer then butted in very aggressively that she stocked the shelves and know she put them in the right spot. I calmly advised her to go check the shelves and she will see they are not. She immediately went bezerk. I’m not sure if she did not want to be at work that day but she was definitely not in the mood. Neither was I. An argument began to unfold and your supervisor gave the notion that she wanted to fight. I advised her that I am a Army veteran with 2 tours under my belt and I currently work at Michael Debakey VA center in Houston, TX and will be reporting the inappropriate, very ghetto behavior that Jennifer displayed. I have never been treated in such a hostile manner before. I advised her that she needs to learn customer service and soft skills. I highly advise someone to look into this because I will be escalating this manner to higher positioned outside sources to ensure this does not happen again to anyone. I shop at Family Dollar regularly every day and never had this happen before until I met Jennifer, who may need to be back on the register because the supervisor position is a bit too much for her and a task that she cannot handle.

Suggested solution:

Fire supervisor, Jennifer, or demote her. Much learning is needed.

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