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The manager at the dollar her name is gloria wright she really needs to be fired she disrespects her customers and employees the other employees are sweat hearts. She talked about narotin and meth infront of customers. One women walked in and had her little girl with her and when she got in the car her daughter asked what meth was. She takes narotin and hard to twll what else she takes she came to work one day doped up outta her head to were she couodnt even get out of the car and walk. She asked one of her employees to ask a customer to sell her narotin for her. Family dollar is looseing customers because if shes there they dont wanna go in there. She harasses her employees by making comments on there butt and talking about licking them which is nasty. She throws applications in the trash befkre even giving them a chance. She has disrespected me also and I heard her talking about sex and how big this guy penis is it is one of the truck drivers that deliver the stuff to the store his name is mario. She expects to not have to do her job and keave all of it on the other ladies that work there. There is plenty of people that kniws she dome this stuff. The day she came to work so oit of it she couldnt walk people was offering to drive her home. I domt think she needs a job acting like that. She talks crap about customers when they leave the store and some times she talks about them when they r still in the store. I think she is selling drugs at the store.

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I think she needs to be drug tested and fired cause family dollar is loosing money because of her caise if shes there people wont stop.

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