Complaint: I was supposed to make use of stealing and then my bag that I left in front while went shopping with stolen by the employees

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My complaint:

So after I was humiliated in the store by the employees saying that I was stealing when I wasn’t I walked them to get the stuff that I set back on this show that I was not going to take I said out of my basket on the shelf well then what I’m paying and then in front they’re like where’s the other stuff or they accuse me of stealing and I told her mom I got didn’t say anything so I walked them and got the stuff well I forgot my bags and I left them front when I came in now they’re telling me that they have no responsibility the only pay attention I have on that bag some of my clothes a couple really expensive bottles of perfume are really expensive pair of Steve Madden heels are really expensive Steve Madden dress I really expensive MK watch who’s responsible for it because I was so embarrassed that you know I kind of was just trying to get out the store I forgot the bag I was going to replace my stuff

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Suggested solution:

Well personally I think that the employees who did this should be fired and the $800 or so I'm out on my stuff that was in that bag of course I want my money back since they're not responsible I mean I don't know but I plan on going all out with this pulling all the stops and everything I'm I will keep this calling until I received my money back for everything that was in that bag

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