Complaint: Horrible place to work, Unprofessional GM

on 21 February 2021 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I worked for Family Dollar 04470 from August 2020-February 2021. My experience working there, was far from pleasant.

The GM is constantly getting into legal trouble, smoking marijuana in the employee bathroom, and leaving her cash drawer loaned in for other employees to count for her after she leaves. She leaves the store while she’s clocked in, to go home, run her own errands, see her friends, buy drugs, and pick up food. When she leaves, she is gone for hours and she stays clocked in.

It was impossible for me to schedule any kind of appointments outside of work, while I was employed there, because I rarely knew what hours I would be working until the day before. I was typically scheduled one day off per week, and on this one day off I would more often than not be bombarded with calls and texts, asking me to come in and cover her shift. I would wake up to her calling me saying I need to come in and cover her opening shift, while I’m trying to sleep after closing the night before. She has even shown up at my home, harassing me to come in and cover other employees shifts. Any time she scheduled me to open and herself to close, I usually ended up being made to stay all night and close for her too.

One day, someone put a cash deposit in a lockbox without telling me about it. Since I was never told about this deposit, I couldn’t add it to my store deposit that night. The next day, I was interrogated by loss prevention, and they were accusing me of stealing it. I was hounded for about an hour, as they tried to get me to confess to something that never happened. Later that same shift, I found an envelope in a lock box with cash in it, the same amount of cash that had been missing the night before. It was the money I had just been accused of stealing. There was never any apology for them having interrogated me and treating me like a criminal. Another day, I was told to cash out customers using my GM’s drawer. That night, her drawer was short money. I was told to pay money out of my own wallet to fix it. The cash was never found, meaning I paid $50 to keep my boss out of trouble.

She has a little girl, less than 10 years old, who she makes work in the store like an employee. She has her sweep the floor and stock products. I worry about her safety. Often, when her partner is in the store too, I hear him threatening to hurt the child.

I was the only employee there who wore a mask, and sanitized surfaces, aside from another individual who recently quit for reasons similar to mine. The GM doesn’t wear a mask, and she doesn’t make her employees wear masks either. I never saw anything get disinfected, by anyone besides myself and the other individual I mentioned who also quit.

When she gets written up by the district manager, she retaliates by writing up everyone else in the store. The cashiers and assistant managers are constantly being reminded of their duties, and receiving written as well as verbal reprimands, but the GM is rarely there, and when she is, she isn’t doing her job and the building smells like marijuana.

In the six months that I worked there, I saw good employees come and go. When I left, they had an entirely different crew from when I started. These people were super optimistic to begin with, but treated so badly they just couldn’t take being talked down to and taken advantage of anymore. No one stays working there for longer than a couple of months. The place is just so dysfunctional. The atmosphere, so unprofessional. No one feels respected or appreciated.

It would have been a wonderful job opportunity for me, had it not been for the poor Management above me.

Suggested solution:

Surely the store could be run better, by a more fit manager.

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