Family Dollar complaint: Horrible costumer service

Complaint from Nonetheless reported on 07 November 2023 about Family Dollar

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My complaint:

Few months ago my son worked at family dollar he liked it alot then he was battling loosing his son he was sick and didn’t go into work i caled in for him he didnt have a phone at the time he had called me on messenger wifi only but as a r3sult of that the lady thier Marcella I think her name is said no he has to call in I tried to explain why he couldn’t because I was at work and he was at home thier was noway for him to do that she didn’t care! She told me that if jake did not call he would be written up or losse his job jake was sick so he did not go in he ended up quitting because he felt very uncomfortable at the work environment their working aside of her. So jake father and I came in the store to do some shopping and she comes up to my husband and goes were your son he explained hes been going through alot and he would rather not discuss his situation he said i can have him call the store if you would like and she goes oh no we dont need him here he had his mommy dearest call in for him like a little kid would that was humiliating she sat their in front of a bunch of costumers and talked about my son like that if i were my son i would have chose not to work in an environment like that also. She so disrespectful and n9w every time my children or I or husband go in their she has something negative to say like the other day I went in shopped and the cashier was trying to cash me out and she walked Over near the next register and tried to grab a bag for me so I could leave and mirsella takes the bag from her hand and go3s go get your own instead of being kind and letting her have one bag the lady had to go all the way to the back room to get bags because she wasn’t aloud to touch the one up front she did it out of spite because it was me at the register
My daughter came to the store today to get a couple things she seen that they were a little busy so she waited to grab something out the fridge the lady mirsella goes you just gonna stand their tell us to move if you need to get something looked her up and down gave her a nasty look and said dam people really don’t have any respect! Really my daughter was respectful she waited was not pushy or anything for years people have been in and out of this store complaining about her she is so rude to costumers employees and she should not have a job their something needs to be done about this. Now my daughter does not want to go back their she is embarrassed this is not ok I have worked their befor also I know how she responds to people it’s not ok.

Suggested solution:

Let the employee go because of how she treats guests and employees

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