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My complaint:

I have been going to the same store for months and a couple weeks ago the employee came up to me and told me that I was seen on camera stealing something now the same employee the week before to $50 off of a friend to help me purchase it and also the same employee I’ve seen many times at TA travel center I’ve never stolen anything and I will leave someone called that they know each other and that my character is being definitely need purposefully

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Suggested solution:

I'm not sure how this should be resolved by when you know who made the complaint who called and said what. I want to see that camera and me stealing something I want to be shown this type of video surveillance because I believe that there is not any I believe someone that knows that employee called her and told her to do this. this is very serious because this is messing with my life and my welfare and I well being. I again want to see this video because the mini perfumes she accused me of taking, I actually bought those back in March. They were paid for and I had put them in a bag that got left or taken at an address that I don't even live at-please I want to be called back about this very disturbing incident.

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1 year ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Family Dollar

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