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on 20 April 2022 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I am an employee for Family Dollar at the Millville New Jersey location and I’ve been there since November I’ve came from Dollar General as in Asm and I was always helping the cashier’s the assistant managers even the store manager do their job because I know what I was doing and they needed help that I can help that much so I helped them but in the process I’ve had nothing but drama and issues with other employees that work there now we have a new store manager new employees and I’m still having to do other people’s jobs just being a cashiertruck unloaderstocker and still having the same problem as before but worse I failed the assessment because i was told by an assistant manager that I had problems but but I thought she was my friend and helping me out she told me I had to take the assessment at home on my own time so I did it at home in the morning while all three of my kids were home and I guess I failed it and then she became an assistant manager because she took the test so I have to wait until June to retake the test so the new store manager still has me doing everybody’s duties with training cashiers assistant managers the whole nine yards and I’m just tired of it and not getting paid the right pay and when I said that she cut my hours back and when I asked for a transfer she denied it then I went to her manager the district manager and said something about everything going on which Des district manager already knew it from the old manager she turned around and denied it as well and with any other company that you work with nobody can deny transfer I want to know why I was denied to transfer and can’t be a manager with the experience all because of an assessment that somebody screwed me on and why I’m being told no I can’t transfer when I’m having nothing but problems and doing other people’s jobs at the store I am at and if I say anything like I’m doing now I’m afraid she’s going to cut my hours even more but I am tired of working for a cashier’s rate when doing manager’s duties it’s not right I am going to start looking into talking to a lawyer all I want is a transfer and a title that is entitled to me

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Read my complaint deal with it and the employees and managers that I'm having issues with and just do what's right and give me what's right

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