Family Dollar complaint: Employee threatening customers

Complaint from Christian_Blake reported on 07 June 2023 about Family Dollar

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My complaint:

Me my mom and my brother have been shopping at the family dollar on Warm Springs Rd in Columbus, Ga for years. A few years ago a new employee was hired (He told me his name was Walt) and made several “catcalling” remarks towards my mother such as calling her “sweetie” trying to brush his hand on hers while exchanging bills/change as well as several other “catcalling” situations such as “okay beautiful”. My mother felt very uncomfortable and no longer wished to shop there anymore. ( apparently other customers have said the same thing as well). My brother a few months ago decided to shop there and talk to him about it. The man named “Walt” got very aggressive and even followed my brother to our home. My mother was on her way back from work and noticed him following my brother. Fast forward to now I had an issue last Friday June 2nd 2023. Me and my brother share the same vehicle so as I arrived and entered the store the man named “Walt” rushed outside aggressively seeming to try and look for my brother. After recognizing my brothers vehicle and purchasing cigarettes for my mother the man seemed to recognize me as his brother and asked where he was (my brother) and what he’s been doing. I told him “the same old same old” trying to politely decline his request to receive information on my brother. He then asked the same question again asking what does that mean. I told him I don’t know who he is and his relationship to my brother so I don’t give out private info about my family life. The man named “Walt” got extremely aggressive asking and saying things such as “Do we have a problem!? “You don’t want no fking problems with me!” I was not intimidated and stood my ground and he was trying to stare me down and size me up while also slapping his hands together making grunting noises. I ignored it and continued to be civil by saying all I asked was who were you and how did you know my brother. He proceeded to respond with “don’t worry about who I fking am”. After that I left the store and traveled home. My mom, my brother and I no longer wish to shop at the local family dollar we’ve been shopping at for years with no issues until now. If this is how family dollar trains their employees or enables them to act like this then me my family and friends will no longer shop at such establishment anymore. Family dollar has always been a friendly, safe, and an affordable option for my family compared to other retail stores so this situation is just very uncomfortable, stressful, and sad because now my family is scared of getting into a fight or argument just by going into family dollar.

Suggested solution:

I wish for the employee who caused this situation to be removed/fired from family dollar as they have caused significant stress on my brother and mother. Furthermore this employee named Walt who works at the family dollar on warm springs rd in Columbus, Ga is very hostile, aggressive, rude, and catcalls women who enter the store. I would recommend that he be switched to a new location but I honestly believe it would be in the best interest of the company to just remove/fire such an employee as his attitude regardless of any of his held credentials is not acceptable as an employee nor how should any civilized human should act.

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