Complaint: Disrespectful Employees

on 09 December 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I went to the store around 6pm on Tuesday night the first cashier was rude saying I just walked up to her register and she wasnt even open. So I started to walk away thats when she decided she wanted to cash me out. I ended up going to the 2nd cashier which was a young guy using the N word with other customers in the store. He already didn’t want to cash me out because I had a cart full of items. He had already told the other cashier he was going on break because I had to much stuff in my cart.
So it was time for me to check out I used 59.00$ in food stamps and wanted to pay the rest in cash the machine was having some type of issues not letting me use either one of my cards. So the other cashier came over to help finally and he told her the computer kept saying i had no money on my card. I told him he was lying because the computer wasnt telling him that. The lady cashier asked me to use the ATM i was going to but then heard both of them with some smart remarks as i walked away.. I told them to cancel my stuff out.. The guy cashier a young guy who i think just started working there said i had an attitude and he got extremely loud with me in the moving his hands around like he was ready for action. This has to stop and something needs to be done

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Suggested solution:

First off they should have tried to figure out what the issue was with the credit card machine without acting out on me.

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