Complaint: Assault

on 23 November 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I bought 4 bags of groceries when I was trying to get my bags off the counter, Blond old lady behind the counter instead of helping me get my bags with all the crap in the way Like the partition, other sale items on counter and basket that i carried my groceries in, she watched me struggle with my bags, i was very kind said goodnight and stepped away walking off and SHE HIT THE SMALL BASKET off the counter OUT INTO THE ISLE behind me, instead of taking the basket down and putting it where it belongs, I felt she threw the basket at me!! to say I should have taken it too.? That pissed me off, I turned and kicked the basket back down the isle and told her she did not need to be such a rude bi-ch!!
Look at your security camera IF she would have hit me or the lady behind me!! I would press charges on her and SUE you!!

The basket was not hitting me, It is the principle that she is not busy but unable to help your customers without making a statement. Being rude to your customer.ME!!….I wonder if she got the reaction she was looking for?
I did not get her name It was On Sunday 11-22-20 17:18:31 in alvarado tx. There where two girls working a Black lady and a OLD BITTER BLONDE woman.
Call me if you want. Please look at your security camera see what she did.
I apologize for kicking your basket. I did not hurt anything.
I did not get her name but YOU KNOW WHO SHE IS.

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look at your security camera
She is a danger to have around peoplecustomers with an attitude like that.

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