Fairfield by Marriott complaint: Double billed same night

on 23 February 2023 about Fairfield by Marriott in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

I booked accommodation with Traveluro receipt below. The date was incorrect instead of 20 February they booked it for 22 February which the receptionist could clearly see. I simply asked her to move the payment for that night , she was truly out of her depth (although nice young lady and polite) she asked me to contact Traveluro (while I’m standing at the reception desk?) Traveluro for them tochange dates etc. needless to say from Traveluro there was no reply to multiple phone calls , or a reply to email!!
So back to the receptionist who insisted it was impossible to book me in on the 20th, without re-charging (she couldn’t cancel a booking and move it back 2 nights?) although she could see the payment , and by extension , Fairfield by Marriott had my money in their bank. I had to pay a second time to Fairfield , receipt number 29477 for $103.66.

The Traveluro receipt is 2487882 booking number 4976902 for $103.00.

Seems that Fairfield should TRAIN thier receptionists better or upgrade thier computer systems or maybe the receptionists should know better how to deal with customers?

Yes I agree Traveluro help desk’s service is also atrocious.

So in conclusion I will certainly avoid where possible (I travel extensively) to never stay at a Fairfield or Marriot branded hotel.

Suggested solution:

Surely the receptionist should have forwarded a customer dissatisfaction notice to her organisation who in turn could take up the non existent service with Traveluro as the receptionist actually informed me I was the second client that evening with the same problem?

Secondly how complicated would it be to change a booking date (when many rooms were available) if she had the correct training!

Double billed same night
Double billed same night
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