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Complaint from Sweetmoresadobe reported on 27 March 2022 about Facebook

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My complaint:

I shared a post from two years ago. A texted post that contained old terminology that described a quote carrying a warning for the future. Bear in mind I’m 73, the warning was described by a person that passed 22 years ago. The terminology would not be used now. This was shared 26th March and was originally posted 2020 and not subjected to comment or a ban, this time it was banned , my account is now closed for comment for six days. It appears that Facebook is now building up to close freethinking and change our perspective on life by bullying and upsetting. I’m upset and shaking with rage at their bullying tactics.

Suggested solution:

Allow leeway for older account holders. Allow consistency in their approach to posts. Make contact with humans easier. They have a wider responsibility to the world and their reputation is as bully’s. They’re living up to expectations.

Facebook complaint Shared Post
Facebook complaint Shared Post
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