Facebook complaint: Scammed

Complaint from Hav_waKF reported on 12 January 2024 about Facebook

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My complaint:

I added 3$ to shark sweeps and they added a 1$ bonus to fire Kirin I was playing crab king and I ended up getting the minor bonus.i had 125$.I went and texted shark sweeps and asked to cash out and I was going to add more money to keep playing well as soon as I went back on fire Kirin I only had 68$ left on there so I went back and texted Then asking what had happen and they said they don’t know about this..They still would not let me cash out said I needed to get up to 95$ but there new cash out limit was sent to me on Monday and they claimed it was limited and I asked for the recent activity and they ignored me.They willl not text back now or open my messages at all.

Suggested solution:

If possible I would like the money I won or money on a game so I can try an win that money back.I put trust into them trying to win money and hoping if I did win I would not be scammed.

Facebook complaint Scammed
Facebook complaint Scammed
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