Facebook complaint: Restricted for expressing self

Complaint from Stephenie1 reported on 31 December 2022 about Facebook

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My complaint:

I posted one reel along with all the other people doing this same trend reel about what has been said to you in your life that broke you. A voice over says what has been said to you that broke you. The reel is by brokenlessly original. I posted what was said to me in theater class. I was told by this girl who new she wouldn’t have consequences for saying what she said to me. She told me to go kill myself that I was a waste of everyone’s air. This reel was removed 5 days after I posted it. The police called my phone as well. For my reel to be bad enough to remove. Imagine how I felt after the girl said this to me. I was devastated. Along with knowing the teacher did nothing to her when it told on her because her dad was an attorney. I ended up leaving theater. My very dream. I left because of what she said. I reported that Facebook needed to go through all those reels by brokendlessly original because there was quite a few like mine. But mine was the only one restricted. My intire account was restricted. I was restricted for posting a family photo with my 2 year old in a diaper that was called nudity. I got a warning for posting a panting of a woman and man Fully clothed BDSM. The Facebook rules says painting can’t be removed it is art. Mine was. Now this for following a trend and posting what really broke me. I think it is discrimination that there are millions of post like mine, and mine is removed rather because a robot read what was written without looking and hearing the title, but in that case all of the other reels like mine would have been removed. So someone read it, and decided I was wrong for posting what my school bully said to me. I thought Facebook was about expression. Sometimes expressing things is exposing how mean people can be by actions, or words. My page is supposed to be my Platform. Each time I post something fact check comes in and says it is false, even a photo a couple years ago of a heart surrounded by greenery. What? How is art a false statement? I have had music that was from Facebook removed, and I got it from Facebook. The picture of my 2 year old in a diaper was in my Facebook memories. When I shared it from memories I was restricted. I feel like Facebook isn’t a safe Platform for freedom of expression, or beliefs. I feel like someone has their thumb on my page just waiting to restrict, or say false. Please help in this situation.

Suggested solution:

By allowing me to express my experience with my school Billy. Their own rules say to express experiences are allowed. I am being restricted for posting what my bully said to me. Also how am I getting restricted from post when I'm not even a member of the group they are claiming I'm in with spam. I provided photos. I also provided where they said I haven't went against any rules, but yet restricted my account for multiple violations they said.

Facebook complaint Restricted for expressing self
Facebook complaint Restricted for expressing self
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