Facebook complaint: RATTLESNAKE LIVES MATTER, who knew

Complaint from Rick Robbins reported on 22 September 2021 about Facebook

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My complaint:

Ran accross a post about 6 days ago were a lady called for help after hearing what she believed to be a rattlesnake sound in her covered lawn furniture. The guy came and found 3, then found another 85 under her house. I jokingly commented O’hell no, i would have burnt down the house, sold the land and moved!. FB originally ban me for 7 days, until I tried to resolve it by ststing ‘they misunderstood. Then i was ban for 30 days.
I didnt mean to hurt the rattlesnake community’s feeling, but personally I dont like poisonous things AT ALL.

Suggested solution:

Get my undeserved ban lifted, and give people the opportunity to delete post that are questioned.
At least give feedback what PART of the comment was in violation.

Facebook complaint RATTLESNAKE LIVES MATTER, who knew
Facebook complaint RATTLESNAKE LIVES MATTER, who knew
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