Facebook complaint: Ignored payout request

Complaint from Meyer5_jo reported on 09 March 2023 about Facebook

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My complaint:

Created an account with Jana Sweeps for Orion Stars online via Facebook. All communication done thru messenger. Funds added via cash app. Jana Sweeps had me pay $AndrewSmithtp via cashapp. I added $10.00 , Jana Sweeps offered offered a 60% new customer bonus. My user name on Orion Stars is meyer5_jo , when I logged on $16.00 had been added to my account. Playing slots that same day I was able to bring my balance to $50.43. Per Jana Sweeps the minimum to cash out is $50.00. I requested Jana Sweeps cash me out at $50.00. They attempted to talk me into continued play but when I insisted to just cash me out Jana Sweeps then blocked me on messenger and from their Facebook page.

When I logged back into my Orion Stars account the $50.00 had been removed from my account. I’ve made several attempts to contact via messenger and due to being blocked my messages fail to send. Jana Sweeps briefly unblocked me , sent me a message saying long time no see slots are hot , I again attempted to respond with messages failing again.

I requested on cashapp to at least be refunded my initial $10.00 I deposited to the game be refunded , that was denied. I’ve attached pic of request to be cashed out. I have several screen shots of cash app and messenger Convo I can provide as well. I am not the only person Jana Sweeps has done this to.

Suggested solution:

I would like my winnings of $50.00 to be honored and sent to my cash app $baddkitty18 like they should have done originally.
At this point I would rate Jana Sweeps at no stars if that were possible.

Facebook complaint Ignored payout request
Facebook complaint Ignored payout request
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