Facebook complaint: Hostile environment for the majority of users

Complaint from davedrummer reported on 12 August 2022 about Facebook

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My complaint:

Tuesday 9th august, Facebook continuously forces targeted ads at all users based on the things that displease them, causing unnecessary division and uproar on a public platform.

Facebook Meta is clearly demonstrating that it’s business model serves only the purpose of it’s advertisers, with NO regard for the GENERAL PUBLIC WORLDWIDE, who are in fact the very people by whom this platform was accepted.

It is not acceptable that Facebook Meta continue this practice.

Furthermore, I would recommend that the company’s stated here resolve this serious societal breakdown issue by,

Identifying the total number of servers and related infrastructure necessary for only 5 years going forward running of current services.

Then, to calculate the cost of running said services for said period and publish results.

Then, to identify the necessary advertisers required to pay for said services and the staff wages for said period .

Then, to arrange for that said commerce to proceed with the CEO salary to be arranged by respective Facebook or Meta communities.

It is clear these companies do NOT need to profit any further , as no further expansion on this platform is either necessary or feasible.

I do hope these recommendations can taken on board, as the company’s current influence on political matters is unmanageable by the majority of its users.

Suggested solution:

By taking on board the above recommendation

Facebook complaint Hostile environment for the majority of users
Facebook complaint Hostile environment for the majority of users
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