Facebook complaint: Hacker taken over my Facebook account

Complaint from Kitty Tolar Jenkins reported on 01 August 2022 about Facebook

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My complaint:

Help! A hacker has changed my phone number and email address and I cannot access my Facebook account. They are impersonating me posting inappropriate nudity and pictures of me with my Texas state driver’s license impersonating me trying to sell things and get money from me oh my God! My name is Kitty jenkins. My cell phone number is 979-220-6924 my primary email with my account should be kittysue_jenkins@yahoo.com. my account has been fully compromised. I no longer have control over it I can’t get a 6-digit number to verify who I am because it goes to the hackers phone number or email. Someone please help me! Fraud activity is being done on my Facebook account please help me! I need the account shut down before they are taking people’s money they are fooling people! Somebody please help me clear my name I can’t get any help from Facebook at all! Emergency!!

Suggested solution:

Please have Facebook shut it down. Get the hackers out of it they have taken over my Facebook Messenger as well. Shut my account down. My Facebook link is https:www.facebook.comkitty.t.jenkins

Facebook complaint Hacker taken over my Facebook account
Facebook complaint Hacker taken over my Facebook account
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