Facebook complaint: Freedom of speech

Complaint from Karm reported on 06 February 2022 about Facebook

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My complaint:

I have 3 times now been banned from speaking or posting or even some parts of playing games for saying things to my family that to me were never checked out by the other party ,it is words we in America are allowed freedom of speech and FB or any other company should not have the right to take it away or call it a threat when they never ask the other party about it,I am so tired of this company thinking that they are above the laws of this country, there is nowhere to complain, you try and it always says cannot send at this time,you right Mark Zuckerburg and it will not send it to him,Also when you try to save it to your computer it will not save the complaint either.

Suggested solution:

They should lift this ban,or check with the other person that I was speaking to and ask if they feel I am any kind of threat?

Facebook complaint Freedom of speech
Facebook complaint Freedom of speech
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