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on 17 July 2022 about Facebook in category Social Media

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My complaint:

Warning from Facebook because fact finder deemed post to be untrue. Personally I find fact finder to be biased and often based on hearsay rather than actual known clear facts. Particularly with their own opinions rather than facts. The statistics on climate change are only FORECASTS. There is no proof of Climate change. Apparently 0.2 degrees rise in temperature is critical (don’t think so) and a rise of 3 mm in sea level is also catastrophic. REALLY. Being old and having lived for a long time, I have personally witnessed, heat waves, flood, fires a multitude of times. Facebook should allow educated and proven debate.

Suggested solution:

The post should be allowed and the review by fact finder deleted or dismissed. I believe it is against the law to stifle debate on such important things as climate change. Also debate on EV in particular with Lipo batteries. I personally have destroyed quite a few Lipo batteries in my RC Racing, Plus as an Automotive Teacher put in a huge amount of research into all different types of energy

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