Facebook complaint: Facebook promoting hate speech

Complaint from Markfergus0n@hotmail.com reported on 01 November 2021 about Facebook

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My complaint:

I was on Facebook today and a number of young people where commenting on a post about beating up pensioners for moaning, I then suggested that anyone who is wanting to beat up a defenceless pensioner should really go and play in the traffic, I agree it wasn’t my best comment but I get t a 30 day ban for saying that and my comment was removed, all the threats to beat up pensioners are still there which shows Facebook are happy for people to incite violence against senior citizens but they threw a tantrum and banned me for something that was nowhere near as bad as threatening violence, I couldn’t understand all the fuzz about Facebook ignoring hate speech until I came across it today, I am genuinely disgusted and extremely disappointed in Facebook for turning a blind eye to people promoting violence against our elderly generation

Suggested solution:

I think they should of removed my comment and gave me a warning, to ban me for 30 days is extremely unfair when they turn a blind eye to blatant threats regarding beating up pensioners, if they had removed the comments and banned them as well then I would of accepted it but to ignore the younger ones promoting violence again our vulnerable members of the public has left me feeling disgusted by Facebook.

Facebook complaint Facebook promoting hate speech
Facebook complaint Facebook promoting hate speech
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