Complaint: Facebook hypocrisy

on 23 March 2022 about Facebook in category Social Media

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My complaint:

Over the course of my time on Facebook I have repeatedly witnessed vile and disgusting hate speech. In every single instance I have reported it to Facebook only to receive a message days later saying it didn’t violate their community standards. As recently as 3 weeks ago, I reported a man who continuously posted white supremacists comments in a local group. He even went so far as to personally threaten me. I made at least 10 reports to Facebook only to get a does not violate Facebook community standards message. Last year, I called out someone in a local news group for making extremely racist comments and using derogatory remarks in reference to people of color. I literally called a racist a racist and reported her. Facebook blocked me for bullying. This time a man posted grammar free transphobic comment (the same individual is constantly posting bigoted comments and has been reporting multiple times, to no avail) and I called him a transphobic illiterate piece of sht. Yes, I even used the asterisk. Facebook blocked me for bullying. At some point Facebook needs to be held accountable. During congressional hearings Zuckerberg lied and claimed Facebook’s algorithm blocks 90% of hate speech but internal documents showed it was actually only about 2%.

Suggested solution:

They won't. Facebook has garnered a monopoly on social media platforms. They will not change or remove hate from their platform. They will punish those who do stand against hate. I am tired of Facebook and the damage it has done to society and our democracy. Facebook needs to be blocked for 30 days for its actions.

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