Facebook complaint: Discrimination

Complaint from Brenda Jones reported on 05 January 2021 about Facebook

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My complaint:

I made a comment on the Polk county inmate page. There was nothing foul language no bullying no threats. When I got ready to post it said it was against the rules it gave me the option to delete the comment. I hit delete and they instantly threw me in Facebook jail. Other people out there have very vulgar language on the same post they have threatening words in some of their posts and they are still on there but every time I go to post something they are threatening to throw me in Facebook jail why are they discriminating against me? I cannot believe all the threats in the filthy language that are on a lot of these sites and they don’t get deleted or put in jail they are allowed to continue on. I don’t think it’s right that I was put in Facebook jail and blocked from my account for seven days. For some reason I am being pinpointed all the time. I think I need to be released off of Facebook jail an allowed back on my account. I did nothing wrong and I feel I’m being harassed by Facebook I feel they watch every little move I make every little thing that I type why am I being harassed?

Suggested solution:

You need to go look at other posts that are on that page and many others if you want to see people threatening other people and bullying other people in the foul language that I can’t believe that you allow on Facebook but yet if I put anything like that I am instantly in Facebook jail why am I being harassed and discriminated against? I believe it’s only fair that I am released from Facebook jail this is crap I did nothing wrong

Facebook complaint Discrimination
Facebook complaint Discrimination
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