Complaint: Bully harrassment by Mark Zuckerberg and his team

on 15 March 2022 about Facebook in category Social Media

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My complaint:

Mark Zuckerberg his team have been bullying harrassing me since I have a disability such as ASD Asperger’s autisum other types forms of developmenal Disabilities for at least 10 almost 11 years now going on 11 years this year he has been targeting adults with disabilities for no reason he’s autistic him self him his team continually harrass bully me on the Facebook platform he restricted my account for no reason he’s being given way too power and athority over the entire Facebook platform he didn’t finiish college he’s a college drop out he is a narcist minipultive conning liar can’t tell the truth even when asked to I’m getting tired of him his team which are spread out in all different countries and Mark is a total anti american citizen he doesn’t have our American views or stand points he’s all about socialism communisum he needs to lose his job period he’s not a good person he’s a crook a con job
I’m wanting to file this complaint to show him his team they can’t bully harrass disabled adults and get away with it.
Something needs to be done about him his team .

If someone could reach out to me through email that would be great .
My email address is [email protected]
Thank you for taking the actual time to patiently listen I really appreciate it
Rachel Vroom

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Suggested solution:

By removing Mark Zuckerberg from his CEO position remove him out of the Facebook company period

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