Facebook complaint: Biasedracist treatment – Blocked Account

Complaint from Marshia Marshia Marshia LK reported on 03 September 2021 about Facebook

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My complaint:

I was accused of posting sexually explicit content and it’s untrue! My page has not been hacked, full FB racist decision… I protested but they ignored me. I posted a picture of my son in bed for his birthday CHEST UP! They are accusing me of being sexual against me SON?!!! This is so disgusting and perverted in so many levels that I’m also filing with the FCC for harassment and going to my psyche.

Suggested solution:

They should remove the ban IMMEDIATELY, apologize and revise their security algorithms... don't make machines check machines... take a crash course in diversity of language and inclusion of ALL cultures, particularly the Puerto Rican one! The picture that I was banned for is attached. HE IS MY SON AND WAS COVERED COMPLETELY UP TO THE CHEST!

Facebook complaint Biasedracist treatment - Blocked Account
Facebook complaint Biasedracist treatment - Blocked Account
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