Complaint: Unable to get ed rental car

on 12 April 2021 about Enterprise Rent-A-Car in category Rental Services

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My complaint:

I am in the process of having my drivers license changed over to a new name as I got married. I went to pick up my car today – I just put mine in the shop and had ed reservation. Now I have no car and cannot do my outside sales job. When I gave my DL to the sales person, of course it is cut as I have not gotten my new one, but I had the last 2 drivers licenses before this one with the same numbers, etc. They looked up my DL status in the DMV website and my name has been changed and the DL is valid. However, they would not let me get the car my company reserved because the first license was cut, even after they had ed it was valid. I now have no car. My reservation number is Z8RRMG. My company also checks the DMV every 6 months to make sure we have no violations. Still they would not let me have the car. This is terrible service. After everything is ed valid, still they would not lease the car. If we had known, I would not have taken my car to the shop without making sure I had a car when I turned it in. I am in a terrible mess because unfortunately Enterprise is our corporate account. However, we used to use Hertz and with complaints we will go back. I am so very disappointed and also in a terrible position.

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Suggested solution:

They need to lease the car as long as my insurance is good - which it is and my license is valid - which it is and they even comfirmed it through the DMV website.

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