E-Z Mart complaint: Theft and incompetent

on 17 May 2022 about E-Z Mart in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I went to the ez mart on 78 next to O Riley’s auto parts to get lottery tickets like I have for year’s. I gave the girl a ticket that had won 8 dollars. She scanned it and got the printout it gives them and headed back to the register. I said I needed new lottery tickets, so she layed my winning ticket on the counter off to the side. Once she got my new tickets printed she went and rang them up. I got $8.00 worth of lottery and a Dr. Pepper and said $10.62 so I paid her. I was talking to someone and not paying enough attention. When I was halfway home I realized what happened but had some people I had to meet to show my Dad’s house we are selling since he passed away. So I went back this morning about the same time and the girl remembered me and I asked what happened to my lottery ticket her response was I don’t know and a man stepped up saying he was the assistant manager. So I explained to him and his reply was did you get a receipt to which I replied no never been offered a receipt. He replied I don’t know what to do. I said you have cameras don’t you. He said the Manager was at the other store and I could go talk to him. I said can you give him my name and number and have him call me cause I am trying to sell my Dad’s house. So he took down my information and said he would have him call me right away. That was 5 hours ago and haven’t heard anything.

Suggested solution:

They have cameras, he could have watched the video since it was only the day before around the same time. And I wear a US Army hat and have a long grey beard and he would be able to see everything I said. How can you be in Management and not know how to investigate something that's on camera.

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