E-Z Mart complaint: ID for cigarettes

Complaint from Freedom seeker reported on 31 May 2024 about E-Z Mart

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My complaint:

My girlfriend and I went inside the store to purchase some items along with two packs of cigarettes. They asked for my id and I showed it although I’m 49 and think it’s ridiculous but then they asked for hers also which is total bs because I was buying them. I did fly off the handle and told him what I thought because legally that’s all I could do! Lucky for them because I when I went to walk out the coworker cocked his mouth off. I live in America! A free country and I completely do not and will not ever except actions like this. What have then the right to ask for her ID when she wasn’t buying the cigarettes

Suggested solution:

When they lose their job or reprimanded and educated better! Just because someone else is in the store with you they shouldn’t have to be ID’d also. The cigarettes weren’t for her! But even if she is 40!!! I can go in there and buy 10 different brands of cigarettes without question.

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