Complaint: Credit card only?

on 11 January 2021 about E-Z Mart in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I’m in a wheelchair and roll a quarter of a mile to your store Where the Sidewalk in the summer is blocked off by trash cans with bees in them so I usually have to lift my wheelchair up onto the sidewalk and then come in the store because I can’t use the ramp because I can’t get to it… another time the white girl has to offer a little white friends with a dog in the store none of them wearing masks a black man comes up to get gas and she tells him he has to put a mask on… They weren’t even customers they were her friends hanging out with a dog but they’re okay without masks all of them hanging out talking in the store… But the guy trying to buy stuff from your store has to leave and put on a mask… Tonight I roll a quarter of a mile is there and attempt to give the cashier cash and she says she can’t take cash… I don’t care if you have to multiply the tax out on a piece of paper and give me a written receipt but I’m offering cash and if you don’t take cash shut down… I had a half-mile roll last night for absolutely nothing because she told me she can’t take our legal tender tonight I can remember the exact date because it just happened but I don’t know the exact dates of everything else that happens at your wonderful store perhaps you should look at the cameras and wonder why there’s two people without masks and a dog hanging out for several hours in the middle of a pandemic

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Suggested solution:

Stop blocking the handicap ramp stop being racist for no reason and accept cash cuz you know, that's our currency

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